Israel helped ISIL with airstrikes on Syria: Syrian army


The Syrian army says the recent airstrikes carried out by Tel Aviv on areas near the Syrian capital, Damascus, were aimed at helping the ISIL militants operating in the Arab country.

The Syrian army said in a statement on Sunday shortly after Israeli warplanes carried out two airstrikes against an area of the Damascus International Airport and another airport in the town of Dimas.

“This direct aggression by Israel was carried out to help the terrorists in Syria, after our armed forces secured important victories in Deir Ezzor, Aleppo and elsewhere,” the statement said.

The Syrian army slammed “Israel’s direct support for terrorism in Syria,” saying it had targeted two safe areas in Damascus where both civilian and military aircraft operated.

The international airport in Damascus is located southeast of the capital near areas such as Eastern Ghouta, where ISIL militants have gained control over much of its territories.

Since the foreign-backed militancy started in Syria in March 2011, Damascus has accused Israel of fueling terrorism in the country.

The Syrian army has repeatedly seized huge quantities of Israeli-made weapons and advanced military equipment from the foreign-backed militants inside Syria.

Alexander Prokhanov, a senior aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, told Press TV on Sunday the Israeli Mossad spying agency has been providing spying information and training assistance to ISIL militants, who according to him are a byproduct of US policies in the Middle East