Islamic Unity among Themes of Karbala Quranic Conference


Islamic unity in light of Quranic teachings is one of the themes of the planned international Quranic conference in Karbala.

The holy city in Iraq will host the “Quran; World Mission, Human Approach” on August 30, the website of the Astan (custodianship) of Imam Hussein’s (AS) holy shrine reported.

Development and humanity in the Quran, media and Quranic approach, and linguistic research about the Quran, are among other topics to be discussed at the scientific event.

It is aimed at promoting Quranic sciences and the Islamic culture, introducing Quranic research studies, and underlining the Quranic principles of Muslim unity.

Several prominent scholars including Sheikh Muhammad Sadeq al-Khirsan from Iraq, Sheikh Taha Al-Ilwani from the US, Sayyid Fadhil Al-MIlani from Britain, Sheikh Abdul Maghsud Hamid Abdul Maghsud from Egypt and Ibrahim Shabuh from Tunisia serve at the conference’s scientific committee.

The Astan of the holy shrine of Imam Hussein (AS), the organizer, has invited religious and cultural figures and Muslim scholars from Iraq and other countries to take part in the conference.

Papers submitted to the conference secretariat ought to be not more than 20 pages and should include abstracts in English and Arabic.
The deadline for submitting full papers is June 15, according to the secretariat of the international event.