Islamic Jihad denounces statehood bid


The Islamic Jihad movement on Wednesday said the PA bid for statehood in the UN does not meet the political aspirations of the Palestinian people as it makes unjustified concessions on their rights, lands, tenets, and sanctuaries.

The movement slammed the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) for advertising the recognition of Palestinian statehood and the establishment of an independent state on “scraps of land” as historic landslides and historic scoops never to be missed.

“The very hub of the resolution and its wording is based on the condition to never anger the U.S. and the Israeli occupation,” a statement released by Islamic Jihad read.

The movement pointed out that at closer examination the draft resolution does not ensure Israel’s withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on that basis; it rather calls for holding negotiations to that end.

The movement criticized the PA’s readiness to conduct land swaps with the Israeli occupation, saying this would undermine the Palestinian right to self-determination and would give Israel enough room to exploit the concept of land swaps to legalize settlement.

The Islamic Jihad voiced opposition to the document’s wording on the occupied al-Quds (‘Jerusalem’), which says that the city should be the capital of two states.

The statement expressed disappointment over projected concessions set to be made on Palestinians’ inalienable right of return, as implied by the resolution.

The movement further criticized the timeframe set for ending the Israeli occupation (by 2017), saying this would only give the latter more time to perpetrate its settlement agendas and finalize its Judaization plots at one fell swoop.

The Islamic Jihad said an appeal to the UNSC is no more than another episode in the series of concessions made the one after the other without fruits to be ultimately reaped by the Palestinian people.