Islamic Jihad: Branding Hamas Leaders as Terrorists Means Green Light to Israel for Terror Attacks


The Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance movement in a statement deplored the enlisting of senior Hamas leaders by Washington as as move which means giving permission to Tel Aviv to assassinate them.

The Islamic Jihad’s reaction came after Washington included the names of senior Hamas leaders in its list of terrorists.

“Putting the names of Hamas leaders in the US special terrorism list is a green light to Israel to kill them,” the Islamic Jihad said in its statement.

It noted that the US measure is in line with ruining the image of the Palestinian resistance movement, and said, “Putting the leaders of resistance in the list of terrorists is aimed at frightening all political opponents of the US.”

The US Department of State branded senior Hamas members; Yahya Sinwar, Samir Kuntar and Muhammed Deif as “Specially Designated Global Terrorists”.

Deif is the leader of Hamas’s military wing, while Sinwar is another senior member of Hamas.

The designation means that all property subject to US jurisdiction in which the individuals have any interest is blocked and US persons are prohibited from engaging in transactions with them or to their benefit.