ISIL Snipers Kill Children Fleeing Violence in Mosul


ISIL Takfiri snipers shot dead 15 children in Iraq’s battleground Northern city of Mosul as they were desperately running for a safe haven, a security source told local media.

The security source told Arabic-language al-Sumaria News that ISIL snipers targeted the children as they were trying to reach the Iraqi security forces’ position in the ISIL-held city.

The source added that ISIL terrorists who frequently target the homeless and displaced children have deliberately killed the 15 children in the streets of Mosul.

ISIL employs the most horrible methods to kill Mosul’s displaced residents including using them as human shields or blowing them up with booby-trap bombs as well as targeting children by sniper shots to prevent them from leaving the battleground city.

Earlier, on Tuesday, the United Nations said that ISIL terrorists were killing residents refusing to put rocket launchers on the roofs of their houses.

“On November 11, ISIL reportedly shot and killed 12 civilians in Bakir neighborhood of eastern Mosul city for allegedly refusing to let it install rockets on the rooftops of their houses,” Ravina Shamdasani, UN human rights spokeswoman, was quoted by Sky News as saying.