ISIL has no future in region: Nasrallah, Maliki


The ISIL Takfiri group is doomed to suffer defeat, Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and Iraq’s Vice President Nouri al-Maliki say.

Nasrallah and Maliki expressed their “absolute trust in the inevitability of the victory of the people and the governments of the region against the IS[IL] and groups resembling it,” the statement issued by the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah said.

Groups like ISIL and “their destructive plans don’t have a future in any country in the region,” the statement read.

The two officials also underscored “the importance of cooperation to confront sectarian strife and Takfiri movements,” according to the statement.

Al-Maliki arrived in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, on Saturday for talks with senior officials on developments in the region.

“One cannot hold talks, especially in Lebanon, without tackling the issue of combating terrorism,” Maliki said after his arrival, adding, “The region has become rife with terrorism and the countries have become unstable and perhaps a new map for the region is in the making.”

Commenting on Iraq’s fight against the Takfiri group, Maliki said he is “very optimistic” that the Arab country will be the ISIL group’s “graveyard.”

The ISIL terrorists currently control swaths of territory across Iraq and neighboring Syria where they have been committing heinous crimes.