ISIL Governor in Tal Afar Flees to Syria with Millions in Cash


The ISIL governor in Tal Afar has fled to Syria with a large amount of cash, local sources in Nineveh province disclosed on Saturday.

“The ISIL’s Tal Afar governor accompanied by four of his deputies, all of them foreigners, including the terrorist group’s treasurer Abu Islam Uzbeki, have escaped to the town of Baaj and from there to Syria with a lot of cash they had collected from selling stolen crude and collecting tax,” the Arabic-language media quoted an unnamed source as saying on Saturday.

The source noted that the ISIL governor and his accomplices have taken millions of dollars with them and intend to escape to other countries.

In a relevant development earlier in November, five senior ISIL commanders stole group money and fled the Northern Iraqi province of Nineveh, local media reported.

The stolen money was intended to be paid to fighting terrorists, Al Sumaria broadcaster reported, citing its sources.

“Five high-ranking ISIL commanders, including a militant known as Abu Bara Kakhtani responsible for the group’s treasury fled, which coincided with the disappearance of money,” the TV channel’s source said.

The ISIL leadership ordered to find the commanders and execute them. According to the source, they left for another Nineveh city of Tal Afar, then for the town of Baa’j and further for Syria.