ISIL Forces Iraqi Civilians to Pay $600 Toll for Leaving Kirkuk


The ISIL terrorist group forces civilians to pay $600 to be allowed to leave militant-held regions in Southern Kirkuk, a military source disclosed on Tuesday.

“ISIL compels anyone willing to leave militant-held villages or towns in Southern Kirkuk to pay $600 to receive a permit. Hundreds of civilians are leaving this region every day,” Pishmarga Brigadier General Hiwa Anwar said.

A security source in the province said on Wednesday that six ISIL militants were killed in an armed ambush in Southwest Kirkuk

An armed group had set an ambush targeting a vehicle carrying ISIL elements passing on a road between the town of al-Riyadh and Hawija, the source said, Al Sumeriya reported.

The terror group imposed tight measures at the attack’s scene, said the source.

ISIL militants maintain control over several areas in Southwest of Kirkuk since they took over several Iraqi cities in 2014. Iraqi government is leading a wide-scale campaign to clear Iraqi cities from the group’s fighters since October.