ISIL Emir Killed in Anbar


Iraqi security forces killed a top ISIL commander and four of his aides in Anbar province.

The so-called Emir of the ISIL terrorist group, Abul Talha al-Lubnani, and four of his aides were killed in al-Jarayeshi battles in Northern Anbar on Wednesday.

The Iraqi forces also regained control of the strategic bridge of al- Jarayeshi, an ISIL supply routes, in Northern Anbar.

All ISIL strategic supply routes to the center of Anbar province have been cut, sources said, adding that the Iraqi forces are advancing towards the center of the province.

Reports also said that Iraqi army and volunteer forces, backed by the country’s warplanes, liberated more than 80 percent of the province of Anbar from the control of the ISIL terrorists, and killed scores of the terrorists.