Iraqi Sunni cleric slams dual stances of Al Azhar


Top Iraqi cleric criticized the dual stance of Al Azhar in regards to the recent explosions in Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Sheikh Khaled al Mala’a, head of Society of Iraqi Sunni Scholars, in his weekly Friday sermon slammed Daesh terrorist group and Iraq’s Ba’ath party as the main perpetrators of massacre of civilians and criticized the dual stance of Al Azhar in regards to recent explosions in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said,” While Al Azhar takes a neutral stance in regards to killing and wounding of hundreds of Iraqi civilians during Karradah terrorist attack, it issues a statement for killing of four people during terror explosions near al Nabawi Mosque in Medina.”
He stressed,” Some scholars do not intend to wake up even with the explosions and approach of terrorists to al Nabawi Mosque.”
Iraqi Sunni figure demanded launching a joint convention for scholars and senior Muslim and Christian elites in line with counter- terrorism movements.
Friday prayer in Al Khazir Mosque, in Karradah, location of the recent deadly terror attacks in Iraq, was attended by massive number of Shia and Sunni civilians.
Karradah, has witnessed to several unity prayers held by both Shia and Sunni Muslims since the two deadly explosions which have led to more than 200 civilians dead and several others injured.