Iraqi Security Forces Find Chemicals Belonging to ISIL in Mosul University


Iraqi counter-terrorism forces found a new proof of the ISIL involvement in deploying chemical weapons to target civilians in the war-torn country.

the discovery was made during an operation by Iraqi counter-terrorism forces to liberate new areas in the left coast of the city of Mosul, Badr News reported.

A security source in Nineveh province said that “ICTF” troops found about nine barrels containing chemicals at Mosul University, liberated entirely from the control of ISIL terror group, adding that the force has also found a missiles fuel and explosives in the laboratories of Mosul University.

The source has pointed out that the troops have also found during their clearing operations to the buildings of the University of Mosul, 20 workshops for the manufacture of explosives and booby-trapping vehicles as well as underground tunnel network linking the University of Mosul with nearby neighborhoods.

It is said that Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Force has raised the Iraqi flag on Saturday, at the buildings of Mosul University after liberating it entirely from ISIL terror group.