Iraqi Forces Uncover ISIL Mass Grave in Push for Mosul


Iraqi forces have found a mass grave containing the remains of suspected victims of ISIL executions in a village recently retaken from the Takfiri terrorists near Mosul.

A team of AFP journalists visited the site behind a small sand-covered hill outside the village of Tall adh Dhahab about 10 km south of Mosul on Friday, the news agency said.

Iraqi Lieutenant Yahya Jumma said locals believe that some 40 people may be buried at the ground.

“The majority of the victims were members of the security forces, army and police,” he said, adding the terrorists brought them by pickup trucks.

“There were around 40 people according to eyewitnesses who saw them,” he said.

The visiting journalists reported meter-high mounds at the entrance to the shallow pit and an overpowering stench with bone fragments scattered around the area. They said scraps of clothing and several bullet casings could be seen at the site.

Iraqi forces have discovered a number of ISIL mass graves in the country’s liberated districts, among them the one found last week near the agricultural college of the town of Hammam al-Alil, south of Mosul.

Authorities are conducting an investigation at the site with Human Rights Watch estimating that the graveyard could contain some 300 bodies.