Iraqi Army prepares for massive operation in Mosul


The Iraqi Army’s 92nd Brigade of the 16th Division, alongside several brigades from the 9th Armored Division, made their way from the liberated city of Tikrit to the Nineveh Governorate in order to join their comrades that are preparing for the southern Mosul offensive.

According to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, the reinforcements will participate in the Al-Shirqat offensive, which is located at the southern countryside of the Nineveh Governorate. North of Al-Shirqat village, the Iraqi Armed Forces are currently on the move in the Hajj ‘Ali District after liberating several sites from the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham on Sunday morning.

The Iraqi Armed Forces are likely to divert their attention to the Mosul region of the Nineveh Governorate after they liberate the ISIS controlled city of Fallujah and the Al-Qa’im border-crossing into Syria.