Iraqi air force commander: Control of Yabroud beginning of end of terrorism in Syria


Commander of Iraqi Air Force Lt. Gen. Hamed Atiyyeh Khwein stressed the importance of the victory achieved by the Syrian army in Yabroud city, describing the army’s achievements as “a turning point” in the course of the war on terrorism and the beginning of an inevitable end of the terrorist groups’ existence in Syria and the whole region.

In an interview with SANA correspondent in Baghdad, Lt. Gen. Khwein pointed out that the control of Yabroud clearly proves that terrorism in Syria and Iraq has received a painful blow.

“Terrorism is a global phenomena which necessitates that all countries unify in the face of this phenomena, particularly that terrorism doesn’t exclude any country, but targets everybody,” he said.

He reiterated that the enemy of Syria and Iraq is one, asserting that eliminating terrorism in Syria would be a destructive blow to terrorism in Iraq and vice versa.

Khwein pointed out that the Iraqi forces continue controlling the borders to prevent terrorists infiltration and to cut off the supply lines of terrorism across the Syrian-Iraqi borders.