Iraq, Region Escape Immense Explosion: Is It Saudi Response to Syria Vote?


A satanic plot was frustrated yesterday in Iraq’s Samarra since ISIL terrorist invasion of the city would have immersed Mesopotamia and the whole region in a swamp of sectarian blood if it had achieved its targets.

ISIL (The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) attack against the city reminds of the terrorist explosion which targeted Askariayn shrine in Samarra in 2006, what led to inflame the sectarian sedition in Iraq and the region, thanks to the social media which plays a vital role in circulating the inflammatory and provocative news.

Is it a Saudi response to Syria vote? Did not the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki say a year ago that Saudi Arabia “announced a war against Iraq”? A lot of political activists wondered how malicious those who plotted the terrorist invasion of Samarra are.

Yesterday, the Iraqis had held their breath till the security forces announced clearing Samarra from ISIL terrorists.

In details, the Iraqi army clashed with the invading terrorists of ISIL, killing and injuring dozens of them and destroying many of their vehicles.

The Iraqi army cordoned off Askariayn shrine and protected it from ISIL militants, summoning military reinforcement troops.

The Iraqi security forces also cleared in Samarra a sit-in which was a terrorist assembly and arrested many of al-Sahwa (Military group composed of local residents to fight Qaeda terrorists) members.

According to military experts, ISIL carried out the operation in Samarra to divert the army’s focus on Fallujah in Anbar province where the army has achieved a remarkable battlefield advance.

The terrorist groups in Iraq have attacked the religious shrines several times in a continuous attempt to inflame the sectarian war in the region, what raises questions about the possibility of the recurrence of such attacks in the future.