Iran’s role in war against terrorism ‘basic’, ‘important’: al-Abadi


Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in a meeting with Iran’s Ambassador to Baghdad Hassan Danaaeifar on Thursday, said Iran’s role in war against terrorism in the region is basic and important.

In his meeting with Danaeifar, al-Abadi said Iran has offered commendable assistance to Iraqi government and people in different sensitive periods and has a basic and important role now in war against Daesh and is standing next to Iraqi nation.

Praising Iran’s efforts and assistance to Iraq in fight against terrorism, al-Abadi said during his tenure, he will try to develop mutual relations with Iran.

Iran’s ambassador to Baghdad met with 10 new Iraqi cabinet ministers during past week.

During meetings with ministers of electricity, human rights, municipalities, sports and youth, higher education, health, housing and development, oil, transportation and foreign affairs, Danaeifar discussed bilateral relations and ways to expand cooperation.