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Iran’s resistance changes world calculations

by islamic voice

Resistance of the Iranian nation during the eight years of Sacred Defense and its post-war victories have changed assessment of the world, the Supreme Leader’s representative to the Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili said on Thursday evening.

Addressing a ceremony commemorating wartime martyrs in Hamedan, Jalili referred to the efforts made by the world arrogant powers to stop the progress of the Iranian nation in different junctures.

Although arrogant powers had in the past supported the deposed Shah of Iran, he was finally expelled by the Islamic Revolution of the Iranian nation.

During the eight years of Iraqi imposed war against Iran (1980-1988), those powers also supported the dictator of Iraq Saddam Hussein by providing him with chemical weapons as well as deadliest arms, but eventually, it was the Iranian nation who emerged as victorious, Jalili said during a local ceremony in Tehran.

He further noted even in the present time, world arrogant powers attempted to deprive Iranians of accessing to peaceful nuclear energy but they have finally obtained the capability.

“Today, top officials of those governments admit that Iran has made a major progress and turned into a big power. They acknowlege that Iran’s power is undeniable,” said the official.

The Iranian nation has exposed the hollowness of the US and arrogant powers’ might against the nations’ belief in Allah, Jalili contended.

Noting that Iran’s name is currently on the top the world’s news headlines, the official said the enemies consider Iran’s limited number of centrifuges a source of concern while they have developed new generations of the technology and possess 5,000 nuclear warheads.

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