Iran’s Representatives Win Top Prize in Both Categories of Int’l Quran Contest


Representatives of Iran in the memorization and recitation categories of the 31st International Holy Quran Competition came first in their respective category.

Jafar Fardi, Iranian Quran reciter who had won the second rank in Malaysia’s international Quran award last year, bagged the first prize in Iran’s international competition.

Mohammad Askar from the Philippines was tehrunner-up and Mahmoud Muhammad Yusuf Ibrahim from Egypt, Seyyed Samareddin Samadev from Tajikistan and Mohammad Ramazan Idi Binda from Tanzania came third to fifth, respectively.

In the memorization category, the jury panel announced Iranian Hafiz Behzad Hozhabri as the champion. The second to fifth rank winners in this category were Abdul Qader Abdul Aziz from Egypt, Mutiollah Mutmain from Afghanistan, Muhammad Lutfi Suleiman from Indonesia, and Harun Hassan from Nigeria, respectively.

The 31st edition of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s International Holy Quran Competition kicked off in the capital, Tehran, last Monday.

120 reciters and memorizers of the Quran representing more than 70 countries competed in the contest, which concluded on June 2.

The awarding ceremony was held on Monday, June 3, with the participation of senior officials including Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani.