Iran’s Red Crescent Sends 1st Humanitarian Aid to CAR Refugees


Iran’s Red Crescent Society which had already voiced concern over the recent violence against Muslims in the Central African Republic (CAR), dispatched its first humanitarian consignment for the African state’s refugees.

Iran’s 40-ton consignment, included tents, blanket and foodstuff and was aimed at sympathizing with the migrants and help relieve their pains.

Tens of thousands of civilians have crossed from the Central African Republic into Southern Chad in the past three months. Most of them are Muslims and many are of Chadian descent, even if their families have lived in the CAR for generations.

Many have crossed the border in convoys under the protection of the Chadian army. Others have walked on their own.

Earlier this month, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani strongly condemned the genocide of the Muslim population in the CAR, and asked the international bodies to take immediate action to prevent the ongoing bloodshed in the African country.

Speaking in a meeting with South African Parliament Speaker Siasi Sulu in Pretoria, Larijani blasted the violent behavior shown towards Muslims in the Central African Republic, and described it as “a kind of genocide”.

The Iranian parliament speaker called for collective efforts by African states and international bodies to help end violence in the Central African Country.

Meantime, Iranian Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian called on people from all walks of life in the Central African Republic, regardless of their religion and ethnic group, to be watchful of the divisive plots hatched by the enemies to wreak havoc on the country.

“The killing of innocent Muslims of Central Africa is the result of fueling the religious fanatic views among the people who have lived peacefully along each other for decades,” Amir Abdollahian said.

He noted that incidents in Central Africa are in line with the Islamophobia scenario, and said, “Christian extremism in the Central Africa is in continuation of the ominous phenomena of extremism among Muslims.”

The Iranian official stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran condemns both Christian extremism and Islamic extremism in Central Africa.

“The current situation in Central Africa has paved the grounds for ethnic cleansing in the Southern Africa, we should make collective efforts to prevent repetition of homicide of Rwanda,” Amir Abdollahian said.

He said supports UN resolutions and Liberville agreement, and announced that helps will be sent for the Muslim refugees of Central Africa.