Iran’s President Terms Gaza Tragedy “Massacre of Humanity”


Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani described the carnage in Gaza as genocide and a massacre of humanity.

“Without a doubt, the bombing of schools and mutilating the children of Gaza (by the Zionist regime) are an evident and brazen example of genocide in today’s world. The Gaza tragedy is not just (a case of) killing humans but (one of) slaughtering humanity,” the president said in a message to a gathering of Iranian children held Thursday in support of the children of the Gaza Strip.

Rouhani underlined that the Zionist regime’s “brutal aggression and barbaric killing” of the oppressed and innocent children and women of Gaza more than ever revealed the “evil nature of the child-killing” regime of Israel.

He added that no logic can possibly justify the massacre of Gaza’s innocent and defenseless children.

Elsewhere in his message, the Iranian chief executive censured the silence of the West and certain international bodies over the carnage in Gaza and their double-standard polices towards the issue of human rights.

“It is expected that Western governments… thrust aside their materialistic and political interests and join the freedom-seeking people and countries of the world to prevent this huge genocide (in Gaza),” President Rouhani went on to say.

The Israeli aggression against the Palestinian coastal enclave has claimed nearly 1,900 Palestinian lives – most of them civilians.

According to a statement issued by Gaza Health Ministry on Thursday, 432 children as well as 243 women and 85 elderly were killed in Israel’s four-week assault.