Iranian Speaker Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Ankara


Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in a message to his counterpart İsmet Yılmaz deplored the Saturday twin explosions in Ankara.

In his message on Monday, Larijani extended his condolences to the Turkish government and nation, specially the bereaved families of those killed in the terrorist attacks.

He voiced regret over the death of nearly 100 people in the center of Turkey’s capital, and said, “I am sure that the terrorists’ attempts to hit a blow at the security and tranquility of the friendly country of Turkey will fail.”

Thousands mourned the 95 victims of Turkey’s deadliest attack in years as state inspectors tried Sunday to identify who sent suicide bombers to a rally promoting peace with Kurdish rebels.

The government said Kurdish rebels or the ISIL terrorists were likely responsible, while mourners accused President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of fomenting violence to gain votes for the ruling party.

No one has claimed responsibility, but the attack bears similarities to a suicide bombing the government blames on the ISIL that killed 33 Turkish and Kurdish peace activists near a town bordering Syria in July.

Police detained 14 suspected ISIL members Sunday in the central Turkish city of Konya, but it wasn’t clear if they were related.