Iranian Qaris, Memorizers Sent to Int’l Contests to Show Country’s Quranic Achievements


A prominent Iranian Quran memorizer said Iran sends its representatives to international Quran competitions so that they can introduce the country’s Quranic activities and efforts made in Quranic fields.

Mahmoud Noruzi, who will represent Iran at Indonesia’s international Quran contest next month, told IQNA that winning top titles is not the only purpose of sending memorizers and reciters to such international events.

With their good performance in international Quran competitions, Iran’s representatives defend the country’s Quranic record, he added. 

Noruzi, 22, has so far won a number of titles in international Quran contests in countries like Jordan, Tunisia, and Sudan.

He managed to learn the entire Quran in three years, starting from 2007.

Noruzi says he has taken a special course held by the committee for sending Quran reciters and memorizers to international contests, and is ready to have a good performance in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s international Quran competition is slated to be held in the capital Jakarta from August 30 to September 5.

Iran will also have a representative in the recitation category of the Quranic event.

Javad Soleimani will compete for the Islamic Republic in recitation.

Also, Iranian Quran master Abdul Rasul Abayi will be a member of the competition’s panel of judges.