Iranian President: Iran Not to Heed Enemies’ Comments on Missiles


Iran pays no heed to what enemies says about the country’s missile program, President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday, reminding the adversaries that Tehran will continue to produce whatever defense weapon it requires.

Remarks by enemies about Iran’s missile power result from their ignorance, President Rouhani said at a cabinet session on Wednesday.

The foes “think that our power is restricted only to missiles, while our power lies in this nation’s faith,” he added.

Describing missiles as one of Iran’s needs, President Rouhani made it clear that Tehran would manufacture whatever it needs without paying any attention to others’ remarks.

The president’s strong reaction to US rhetoric follows his Tuesday comments at a press conference in Tehran, during which he explicitly defended Iran’s ballistic missile program.

In February, US President Donald Trump’s administration sanctioned more than two dozen people and companies in retaliation for an Iranian ballistic missile test, warning that it had put Iran “on notice.”

Also last week, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on two Iranian defense officials, an Iranian company and members of a China-based network for what it called supporting Iran’s ballistic missile program.

In his Tuesday press conference, President Rouhani said, “US officials should know that whenever we need a missile test because of a technical aspect, we will test it and not wait for their permission.

“Our missiles are for peace and defense, not for assault,” he added.