Iranian FM Urges Collective Efforts by Persian Gulf States to Protect Region


Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif underlined the necessity for all the Persian Gulf littoral states to cooperate in protecting the region’s security and environment.

“It is believed that dialogue, contribution and cooperation help meet common interests and resolve existing crisis,” Zarif wrote on his Instagram page to mark the National Persian Gulf Day on Sunday. 

April 30 is regarded as the National Persian Gulf Day marking significant issues as protecting environments, economy, politics and security, he added, saying that the country’s intellectuals should take the opportunity granted to help resolve existing challenges. 

Referring to wide-scale disorders in the Middle East region, Zarif said the Persian Gulf littoral states are facing a historical test to prove their capabilities in administrating and controlling the region through collective contribution in order to resolve disputes and change existing challenges to new opportunities in dealing with the rampant threats. 

Political disputes and challenges should not be an impediment to pay due attention to the status of protecting the environment in this volatile region, he said, adding that regional settlers should help to turn the waterway into the “Sea of Friendship”.

In relevant remarks in March, Spokesman of the Iranian Government Mohammad Baqer Nobakht underlined that his country is eager to further develop relations and cooperation with the Persian Gulf littoral states.

“The Kuwaiti Emir’s envoy had earlier come to Iran and said that the Persian Gulf littoral states intend to improve ties with Iran, and Iran’s position is also clear in this regard and we have always been interested in peace and stability (in relations) with the neighboring states,” Nobakht told reporters in Tehran.

Yet, Nobakht declined to comment on President Rouhani’s letter to the Kuwaiti Emir.

Also, in February, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi underlined that Tehran’s foreign policy is based on boosting cooperation with Persian Gulf littoral states.

“Iran is determined to expand interactions with the countries in the Persian Gulf,” Qassemi said.