Iran: US Playing with Fire by Unwise Moves in Syria


Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani on Wednesday warned the US to avoid unilateral moves against international laws and Syria’s national sovereignty, and said Washington is playing with fire.

“Raising unfounded allegations against Syria again shows that the US continues its scenario to cover up the terrorist front’s repeated failures and confront the Syrian army’s decisive advances,” Shamkhani said in reaction to the recent US threats against Syria.

Stressing the need for the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons to scrutinize the US allegations against Syria, he called on Washington to provide the OPCW inspectors with information to be verified impartially.

Shamkhani reminded the US illegal aggression against Syria’s al-Shayrat airbase under the pretext of the Damascus use of chemical weapons, and said Iran and Russia had called for sending an international fact-finding delegation to study Washington’s allegations but the US blocked the move.

He warned of the US unilateral moves against the international laws and Syria’s national sovereignty, saying that “the US unwise and adventuresome behavior in Syria is an instance of playing with fire” and the military scene in the country will make the US stop its continued unilateral aggression against Syria after receiving the reaction.

In relevant remarks today, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said the White House warning of new chemical attacks allegedly planned by the Syrian government is unsubstantiated and a complication of reconciliation processes.

“These speculations are not backed up by anything. No one is putting forward any facts,” Gatilov said.

He said it would be unacceptable “if the goal is to aggravate tensions.”

“This complicates the negotiation process, negatively affects the efforts being made in Astana and Geneva,” the Russian diplomat said.

Russia warns the United States not to act unilaterally in Syria, Deputy Foreign Minister Gennadiy Gatilov told Sputnik, underscoring that its troops are not threatened by the Syrian government forces.

“We have always spoken about this, including with regard to their latest attacks on the Syrian armed forces,” Gatilov said when asked whether Moscow warns Washington against unilateral steps in Syria.

He stressed that “there is no threat to US specialists from the Syrian armed forces, therefore these actions are provocative in nature.”

The press service of the White House claimed that Syrian President Bashar Assad is allegedly preparing a new chemical attack, and promised that if it is implemented, the Syrian authorities will “pay a heavy price”.