Iran to continue scientific, technological progress


President Hassan Rouhani here on Tuesday said Iran will steadily pursue its scientific and technological progress.

Addressing a gathering of local people in this southeastern provincial capital, he stressed that the Iranian nation has been subject to unjust sanctions and faced many problems in recent years.

He said that due to support and wise guidance of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and cooperation of the nation, the anti-Iran sanctions will be removed soon.

President Rouhani said an important achievement of Iran today is the fact that the world is admitting the right of the nation to pursue nuclear technology, thanks to the nuclear agreement reached between Iran and the 5+1.

He said Iran will surely proceed with its negotiation program step-by-step.

He said the Iranian nation is determined to prove to the world that what was said about Iran in the past were nothing but lies.

The President stressed that Iran has never been after nuclear arms but is interested in scientific and technological achievements.