Iran Official Urges Int’l Fight Against Terrorism


An Iranian deputy foreign minister has warned against the spread of terrorism in the world, urging a global campaign against the scourge.

“The developments during the past three years showed that the malicious phenomenon (terrorism) will come back to haunt the countries that claim to be advocates of fighting terrorism but [actually] support it,” Morteza Sarmadi said in a meeting with Iraqi Vice President Khazir al-Khazaei in Baghdad on Thursday.

“Therefore, the push that has been initiated to isolate terrorists should continue so that funds and equipment do not reach them,” he added.
The Iranian official also censured certain countries for using terrorism as a tool to achieve their objectives.

Sarmadi, who has traveled to Iraq to attend a two-day international counter-terrorism conference, expressed hope that the conference would encourage the advocates of terrorism to join the fight against terrorism on the ground.

He also underlined the need for unity among Muslim countries, saying Israel’s security is dependent on rifts in the Islamic world.

Khazaei, for his part, warned against the spread of terrorism in the Middle East and the world and called for a unified global anti-terror front.

Pointing to foreign support for terrorists, the Iraqi official said terrorism has delivered a heavy blow to Islam. He also warned against divisions in the Islamic world, which he said benefit the Israeli regime.

Iraq hosted a two-day international counter-terrorism conference this week to discuss topics such as international cooperation in fighting terrorism. The conference wrapped up on Thursday.

Iraq has been the scene of violence for the past recent years.

The UN says more than 8,860 people were killed in attacks in 2013. Over 1,500 people also died in similar incidents in January and February of this year alone.