Iran Mulls Plans to Enhance Ahwaz Oilfield Output


The Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) has finalized 6 EOR packages for boosting crude oil recover from Ahwaz Oilfield, the world’s 3rd biggest oil field, a RIPI official said.

Mohammad Reza Kamali, head of RIPI’s Upstream Faculty, said the technological roadmap for enhancing recovery from the oilfield has been finalized by the faculty. 

Iranian Minister of Petroleum has tasked RIPI with conducting research and appraisal studies to boost recovery from the country’s oil fields, Kamali said. 

“The institute has devised the roadmap and assigned a European consultancy company for developing Ahwaz oilfield,” he added. 

He said the faculty is experienced in conducting similar studies and has so far made tangible breakthroughs in this regard.