Iran Exports Nanodrugs to Syria


Iranian knowledge-based Exir Nano Sina Company presented Sinadoxosome nanodrug to the market in line with the development of nanotechnology in the field of health.

This product is used for the treatment of diseases, including breast and ovarian cancer. In addition to being presented in the country’s markets, this nanodrug has been recently exported to Syria.

According to Dr. Mahnaz Qomi, the CEO of Exir Nano Sina Company, 20mg/10ml injective doxorubicin hydrochloride nano-liposomal anticancer drug, commercially known as Sinadoxosome, was produced in Sobhan Oncology Company and presented to the market for the first time in the Middle-East in 2012 after the acquirement of production permit from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

This product creates delay in the growth of tumor and increases the life of the patient by eliminating cancerous cells and making small the size of the tumor. The major application of Sinadoxosome is in the treatment of breast cancer, advanced ovarian cancer, multiple myeloma, and Kaposi’s sarcoma in the patients who suffer from HIV.

Dr. Qomi underlined the consumers’ pleasure with the effectiveness of the drug, and said, “Since the presentation of the drug to the market more than 6,000 vials of Sinadoxosome have been prescribed by oncologists for the treatment of the patients and they have been approved by the oncologists.”

According to the producing company, each vial of the similar drug produced in foreign companies is worth $700 in the regional markets while Sinadoxosome is presented at the price of $120.