Iran destroys hypothetical enemies drones using indigenous missile


Iran sabotaged hypothetical enemy’s drones using Mersad (Ambush) missile system on the third day of Mohammad Rasoulollah (Mohammad, the Messenger of Allah) military drill underway in Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, southern Iran.

The Iranian Army detected, intercepted and fired the hypothetical enemy’s drones using indigenous and upgraded Mersad missile. It also destroyed the drones by surface-to-air Shalamcheh Missile.

The Iranian Army employed stable and tactic radars, electronic surveillance site, 23-mm artillery and sky-guard radar control systems, intercepting the mobile aerial objectives and destroyed the drones.

The Army forces could damage the enemy, support the sea and surface-based forces by fighters and conduct numerous aerial refueling.

The 32nd flotilla of Iranian Navy comprised of Bushehr Logistic Warship and Jamaran Destroyer was present in the high seas and conducted surveillance operation on enemy’s electronic and intelligence forces.