Iran Cultural Center Opens in Iraq


Iran inaugurated a cultural center in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, an Iranian attaché announced on Friday.

According to Hassan Shahbeig, the cultural attaché in Iran’s Baghdad embassy, the new center has plans to work in 10 different fields, such as providing training courses on cultural and artistic programs.

The center will also offer training courses in Persian language, painting, calligraphy, caricature, film-making and other fields, he added.

Back in May, Iranian Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Ali Jannati and Iraq’s Minister of Culture Firyad Rawanduzi in a meeting in Tehran discussed the ways to strengthen cultural ties between the two Muslim neighbors.

Jannati said Iran and Iraq should seize opportunities for the cultural, artistic, scientific and academic cooperation, particularly within the regional and international cultural organizations.

The Iranian minister also noted that Tehran and Baghdad can promote cooperation in the area of literature, book printing and translation of books in Arabic, Persian and Kurdish.