Iran Condemns Terrorist Attack in Kazakhstan


Iran’s Foreign Ministry condemned recent terrorist attacks in the Kazakh city of Aktobe that killed and wounded a number of people, warning against the potential acts of terrorism in the Central Asia.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari on Thursday condemned the attacks that occurred in Aktobe earlier in June, and offered condolences to Kazakhstan’s government and nation and the bereaved families of the victims.

He said the incident was a reminder that the Central Asia is highly prone to terrorist activities.

The spokesman also noted that the attacks highlight the necessity for cooperation among the regional countries for concerted and unified action against extremism and its ideological and political origins.

On June 5, a group of gunmen attacked two weapons shops and a military unit in Aktobe. Seven people have been reported killed in the spate of shootings.

After the shops were attacked, the local National Guard unit confronted the assailants, with three servicemen reported dead, according to The Astana Times.

According to Aktobe’s regional health department, 19 people were injured during the operations, including six military men, six policemen, four criminals and three civilians.

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said on Wednesday that the attacks had been orchestrated from outside the country and pledged to use the toughest measures to “suppress extremists and terrorists”.

The attacks were a terrorist act organized by supporters of radical, pseudo-religious teachings who were instructed from abroad, Nazarbayev said in an address to the nation published by his press service.

Those actions bore the hallmarks of a “color revolution”, the uprisings that toppled entrenched leaders in ex-Soviet Georgia and Ukraine and replaced them with pro-Western governments, Nazarbayev added.