Information Minister: Presidential vote shows Syrians’ adherence to national sovereignty


Information Minister ,Omran al-Zoubi, stressed that the presidential elections are a result of democratic transformation, describing it as “The first national democratic experience in Syrian’s modern and contemporary history.”

During a symposium held by National Union of Syria’s Students under the them of “National, sovereign decision” in Damascus, the Minister pointed out that one of the most important reasons behind attacking Syria is its national and independent decision which was embodied in many cases were the just Arab rights were concerned.

Al-Zoubi added that achieving the presidential process by the Syrians reflects their adherence to the national and independent decision, noting that the process is a Syrian internal affair, rejecting intervention of the UN Secretary-General, US, Western countries and their tools in the region in Syria’s affairs.

He called on the Syrians to actively take part in the upcoming elections and choose who is going to protect the country from the terrorism imposed on it, considering boycotting elections as ” Political nihilism.”