Infographic: How Much US Military Aid Does Israel Receive?


The US’s unwavering support for Israel in its military ventures comes with a cost.

Billions of dollars have been spent over the years to help provide Israel with a strong defense program and other strategic needs. The US provides more military aid to Israel than to any other ally, according to the Qatari media network Al Jazeera. 

Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) between the US and Israel began in 1999.

The last 10-year MoU was signed in 2016 under then-US President Barack Obama. It included a record $38bn deal to provide Israel with military assistance over a 10-year period – the largest such agreement ever by the US with an ally.

Israel has ordered more than 30 F-35 fighter jets since 2010, totaling $5bn. The cost of the 17 jets purchased in 2016 is undetermined.