Inciting religious disputes in Islamic world is the conspiracy of West and Zionism


The purpose of inciting religious disputes in Islamic world, especially during the last four years, is to fail the wave of Islamic awareness.

 A news agency reported that Dr Ghulam Ali Huddad Adil, while addressing with the 10th international seminar on the topic of “Shaheed Mutahiri, wisdom, justice and unity”, said that he had focused on the issues of Islamic world since young age and his viewpoint was very vast and it was not limited to any city or area.

He further added that Shaheed Mutahiri used to address social issues of Muslims, and Islamic unity was one of those most important issues and Shaheed Mutahiri has also written an article on the topic of “Al-Ghadir and Islamic unity”.

He said that unity among Muslims does not mean that followers of different sects come together by retreating from their faith and Shaheed Mutahiri has focused on the basic point that unity is a social issue.

Hadad Adil said that Shiite and Sunni must talk with each other in a coherent environment and they must eliminate doubts and misconceptions and this pattern must be adapted to establish relations between Shiite and Sunni.

He said that this thing should not become an obstacle in the way that Shiite and Sunni could not come together since they have disputes with each other.

Dr Hadad Adil further added that we must look towards the principles of Shaheed Mutahiri for unity among Muslims and then we must follow his terrain.

He said that basically Shaheed Mutahiri was the intellectual of rational phenomenon and his most important characteristic is that he was an Islamic intellectual of rational reasoning.

Haddad Adil said that the first lesson that must be taken from Shaheed Mutahiri is to repel the enemy which heeds on disputes. Therefore, our most important responsibility is to protect Islam against these disasters.

He said that wisdom is just like faithfulness and Shaheed Mutahiri has invited the teachers and students of universities towards wisdom.

He said that wisdom is the international language of argument which means that there is no person in the world which says that I disagree with you, but I have no arguments to defend my idea.

He further added that we must weight everything on the basis of wisdom.

Dr Hadad Adil, while pointing towards the characteristics of Shaheed Mutahiri, said that he wanted to learn and seek both love and knowledge about Ahl-e-Bait (A.S).

He said that love and knowledge is required at the same time for the ideology of supreme leadership that has become the axis of our political ideas and there should be a balance between knowledge and love.

He, while pointing towards the fact that the regulation of love over wisdom is the source of many disputes among Islamic sects, said that love creates movement and wisdom specifies direction. Therefore, both must be together and many disputes are created because of inflation and deflation.

Dr Haddad Adil, while pointing towards the illegal occupation of Israel and its allies on Palestine, said that when enemy attacks on the land of Muslims than it is not a problem of Shiite and Sunni rather it is the issue of Muslims as a whole. Therefore, Muslims must ally together for the continuity of success and support of society.

He further added that for colonialism what is more dangerous than this fact that Iran and Islamic revolution has become ideal for other nations and it paves the way of unity among Muslims and struggle against colonialism.

He said that Shiite and Sunni were spending peaceful lives in various areas but we are observing since last few years that enemy has created dispute among Muslims by Takfiri groups.

He, while declaring Syria as the clear example of effort to create dispute among Muslims, said that Syria is the only country of Arab world that has not accepted Israel and it has not bowed in front of America and we are observing that Takfiri groups are fighting with Muslims in Syria.

Dr Haddad Adil further added that Islamic revolution must struggle for unity among Muslims and it is source of pride for Shiite that has given a successful Islamic revolution against colonialism.

He, while declaring explanation of unanimous goals as the source of creating unity among Muslims, said that unity and oneness must be focused in our sittings along with Islamic revolution.

Finally, he said that the purpose of inciting religious disputes in Islamic world, especially during the last four years, is to fail the Islamic awareness.