In Presence of the Sun (1)


The material world drowns man in itself so that it wearies his spirit and soul. If human being is not linked to a firm spiritual source, he will be misled and submerged in despair and absurdity. The divine messengers were given mission to make man acquainted with the world of revelation and guide him through valuable religious teachings. The teachings of Islam, as the last divine religion, provide the ladder for human ascension toward spiritual and moral perfection.

The series titled, “In presence of the Sun” gives us glimpses of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s ideas in various cultural, ideological and social domains.

Ayatollah Khamenei says, “The material and machine world has beset the people. The religion of Islam can open a window for them and show them a new world.”

Islam is the harbinger of security, justice and prosperity. The realities of the pure Mohammedan Islamhave absorbed hearts during all eras and moved deprived masses. In the view of Ayatollah Khamenei if the unadorned image of Islam is correctly displayed we will see that today, like before, Islam is the only remedy and the guardian angel. Like 1400 years ago, today the call is echoing, “Certainly Our Apostle has come to you light from Allah, and a manifest Book. With it Allah guides those who follow His pleasure to the ways of peace, and brings them out from darkness into light by His will, and guides them to a straight path.”

(Chapter al-Ma’idah, part of verse 15 and verse 16)

Ayatollah Seyyed Alai Khamenei, with his profound look, elucidates the role of Islam in as follows, “By defining life and the creation and showing the right path, Islam helps man to provide a truly happy life and introduces him the straight divine path.”

This religion with its comprehensive teachings draws pure and God-seeking natures. As per the estimates and researches conducted in the world, especially the western countries, tendency toward Islam is o the rise particularly among youth.

Like all other divine religions Islam has been based on Towhid or monotheism. It is the belief in the oneness of God and rejection of any partner or associate for him. Other principles of Islam include the belief in prophethood, the Day of Resurrection, Imamate or divinely decreed leadership of the successors of the Prophet of Islam and Divine Justice. These principles are the pillars on which the structure of religion has been founded. A Muslim has to believe in these principles first and then observe and practice the secondary precepts which are ten in number. They are as follows: Ritual daily prayer, fasting in the month of Ramadhan, khums or giving one-fifth of the surplus annual earning, zakat or giving alms to the needy, Hajj pilgrimage to the Symbolic House of God, adjoining good, prevention of evil, tawalli or friendship with and obedience of the friends of God, tabarri or disavowal of the enemies of God. The leader of the Islamic Revolution says this regard, “Every Islamic precept and instruction, all Islamic rules in the fields of politics, society and economy and the whole acts of worship or individual and public laws comprise the intertwined ingredients of this enlivening and blissful version.”

Islam wants to lead mankind to material and spiritual perfection through its comprehensive divine teachings. This celestial religion considers the path toward perfection and salvation to be exclusively performing the obligatory acts, abstaining from sins, and resorting to the Qur’an and the Ahl al-Bayt or the Prophet’s Immaculate Household. The leader of the Islamic Revolution calls Islam as the asset of the Islamic ummah saying, “The great asset of the Islamic ummah is the religion of Islam with its expressive and clear teachings, firm regulations and comprehensive instruction for human life. By presenting a wise and profound vision on the world and man, pure monotheism, ethical and spiritual guidelines, and offering firm-based and socio-political systems and regulations and ritual and individual obligations, Islam invites all human beings to cleanse their inward from obscenities, weaknesses, abjections and pollutions to both kindle the light of faith, purity, uprightness, sincerity, love, hope and vividness; and salvage their world from poverty, ignorance, oppression, backwardness, stagnation, bullying, imposition, humiliation and being fooled.”

In the view of Ayatollah Khamenei Islam, both at the time of its advent and at the present, has opened a path in front of the world whose result is happy life and it will guarantee goodness and salvation for human beings. This religion, as the religion of moderation, wisdom and submission to what is right, considers the cure for human pains to be abstinence from going to extremes and resorting to wise and prudent ways. Islam invites man to remembrance of God, humbleness before God and internal bond with Him. This divine religion has asked humans to struggle against evil, aggression, oppression and corruption and incessantly struggle with selfishness, egotism and debauchery. Major tenets of Islam have been shaped in this way and its salvaging program is based on these foundations for individual, social and political life.

Today various human communities, that follow material schools of thought, have faced spiritual vacuum, perplexity and big social and individual problems. But the leader maintains that with the failure of different ideologies more and more hearts have been absorbed by Islam. He says, “Today after the secular and material calls, whether Marxism or the so-called humanist or liberalism, have proven unable to secure eternal bliss for human. The hearts are tended toward Islam.” Ayatollah Khamenei continues, “Islam’s invitation and its great guidelines and lessons are not just for the nations which are burning in the fire of poverty and feebleness; but they are for all human beings who flounder in the swamps of absurdity, bewilderment and spiritual poverty in rich and advanced countries.”

History bears witness that the pure Mohammedan Islam has had a lot of enemies who seek to uproot or distort this divine religion. They are the oppressors who see the messages of the Qur’an and teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt a dam against their avarice and oppression. Highlighting vigilance against the enemies’ conspiracies, Ayatollah Khamenei recommends Muslims, “The enemies, for several centuries, and the ignorant and heedless friends, for a longer time, have blemished the brilliant image of Islam through adding to or cutting from it. Today, also, although Islam is being tarnished by miscomprehensions and profiteering of the insiders; truly speaking, the enemies’ propaganda is more in this regard and they are active by fine and insidious ways… But the world Muslims, through proper cognizance and appreciation of this great asset, will be able to create a real change in their own life and save the Islamic countries from the weakness, dependence, backwardness and decadence that are suffering from.