IMPORTANT! ‘Safe Heaven’ UN schools were hit by israel 11:10 GMT, 7 January 2009


IMPORTANT! ‘Safe Heaven’ UN schools were hit by israel 11:10 GMT, 7 January 2009

Mass Massacre for the Gazans gathered at UN schools?

About 4000 Palestinians gathered at the schools of UN in Gaza. The numbers are waited to be raised after the warning of israeli forces towards civilians. As it is well known israel massacred those gathered at UN schools during previous wars. israel can commit any crimes, What can prevent israel from slaughtering the Gazans gathered at UN schools? What can prevent israel from this mass executions? israeli protecter UN? No NEVER! After all the brutalities towards even children it is very normal for israel to commit this crimes and very very easy for UN to condemn(?) the massacre but not israel just the masacre. Relying on brutal’s protecter will end in more massacre.



A Palestinian boy, who fled his house with his family during Israel’s offensive, cries in terror at a United Nations school in Gaza today

A wounded Palestinian is carried near a United Nations school in Jabalya after a bombing in which at least 40 people died

Today Israel has announced it will halt bombing Gaza for three hours every day, from 1pm until 4pm.

Last night came the first sign that Israel was listening to the growing international anger over its offensive as prime minister Ehud Olmert agreed to set up a “humanitarian corridor” to allow in aid to the devastated Palestinian territory.

Under the plan, Israel would suspend attacks in specified areas of Gaza to allow the people to get supplies of food, medicine and fuel. The goal was to ‘prevent a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip’.

The death toll at the UN school in Gaza yesterday brought to 75 the number of civilians killed since Israel launched its ground war last Saturday. Meanwhile the Palestinian death toll from 11 days of conflict was nearing 650, with more than 3,000 wounded.

Child victim: A wounded girl is carried to hospital by a relative after being caught in the bombing

Israel had claimed Hamas militants were hiding inside the school, but the UN had denied this.

International leaders last night were rallying behind a ceasefire proposal put forward by Eyptian president Hosni Mubarak at a meeting with French president Nicolas Sarkozy in the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Mubarak called for an immediate truce between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza, to be followed by talks on long-term border arrangements and an end to the blockade of Gaza.

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband backed the plan at a meeting of the UN Security Council in New York last night, as did Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and crucially Condoleezza Rice, U.S. Secretary of State.

Bomb site: Palestinians inspect the rubble of a destroyed building in Rafah refugee camp, southern Gaza

Gaza burning: Smoke continues to billow from the Strip after fresh aerial bombardments

Save the Children said at least 101 of the Palestinian dead were children. Ken Caldwell, its director of international operations, warned: ‘Thousands of young lives are in acute danger.’

The International Committee of the Red Cross warned of a full-blown humanitarian crisis and the top UN official in the Palestinian territory said: ‘There is nowhere safe in Gaza. Everyone here is terrorised and traumatised.’

Oxfam said Gaza’s hospitals were on the brink of collapse, hundreds of thousands of people would soon be without drinking water and most of the 1.5million population was without power or adequate supplies.