Homs: Syrian Air Force Razes ISIL’s Positions in Palmyra Desert


The Syrian air forces pounded the military hardware of the Takfiri terrorists in the eastern parts of Homs province, specially near Palmyra (also known as Tadmur).

The Syrian fighter jets destroyed ISIL’s several military vehicles in the surrounding areas of Jabal al-Sha’er (Sha’er mountain) in Palmyra in Homs province, the Arab media outlets quoted an unnamed military source as saying.

Scores of ISIL militants were killed and wounded in the Syrian air force’s strikes on their military positions, the reports said.

Earlier today, the Syrian army continued destroying the military positions of the Takfiri terrorists in Homs province, inflicting heavy losses on the militants in fierce clashes.

The army units razed the gathering centers of the ISIL terrorists in Tuloul al-Soud, Tar al-Kharouba and Ramliyah located 80 kilometers to the Southeast of Homs city and also in the surrounding areas of Shaer oilfields.

A number of terrorists’ armored vehicles and an arms depot were destroyed in the army attack, a military source said.

The source also said that the Syrian army’s operations in Talbiseh town which is located 13 kilometers North of Homs city resulted in the destruction of military bases and fortified positions for Al-Nusra Front terrorist group.

In relevant development on Friday, the ISIL terrorists’ strongholds in the Eastern and Northeastern parts of Homs came under numerous attacks by the Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces (NDF).

The Syrian army and the NDF hit hard the ISIL positions in al-Tar mountain Northeast of the province, which not only claimed the lives of many terrorists but destroyed one of their depot of weapons and ammunition.

Tuloul al-Soud, Habra and al-Shandakhya in East of Homs were the scenes of heavy fighting between the Syrian government forces and the ISIL combatants, which ended in the killing and injuring of many terrorists.

Also on Thursday, Syrian army forces, backed by popular forces, conducted several offensives in at least five towns across the Central Homs province, inflicting a number of al-Nusra Front terrorists and destroying their hardware.

According to reports, the operations were conducted in Keisin, Um Sharshouh, Talbiseh, Deir Ma’ala and al-Rastan.

The Syrian army also destroyed gatherings of ISIL in a series of military operations against their positions in Sha’er and al-Bayarat in Homs Eastern countryside, killing or wounding dozens of them.