Hizbullah Hails Release of Maalula Nuns


Commenting on the achievement of liberating Maalula nuns, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

The painstaking and continuous efforts, all over hundred days, culminated in the release of Maalula’s monastery nuns, who returned- with their companions- to their homes unscathed.

On this occasion, Hizbullah warmly congratulated the nuns, the Orthodox Church to which they belong, the Syrian leadership, all the Syrian and Lebanese people, as well as their families and all those who suffered the pain of their kidnapping, away from any justification, logic, or law.

In parallel, Hizbullah hailed all the efforts that were exerted in that respect, as well as all those who had thankful roles in this achievement, especially those made by the General Security Chief, Brigadier General Abbas Ibrahim.

Amid joy prevailing in Lebanon and Syria, Hizbullah hoped that efforts would be completed to liberate all the abductees, especially bishops Yuhanna Ibrahim and Boulos Yazegi, who have been suffering from detention at the hands of armed gangs, since a long time.