Hizbullah Condemns Iraq’s Horrible Bombings


Hizbullah condemns the horrible crime committed by terrorists this morning [Wednesday May 11] in Sadr City at the Iraqi capital Baghdad and in the Kadhimiya, which led to the martyrdom and wounding of scores of innocent people.

The continuation of the Takfiri groups in targeting public places, markets and streets – crowded with civilians – is a proof of the death of the lowest human feelings among these criminals.

It further demonstrates that these terrorists are targeting the human in general, by targeting women and children, old and young indiscriminately with no exception.

These repeated egregious crimes should serve as a motive for every effort to fight this epidemic Takfiri terrorism, which draws its ideas and energies from countries and bodies outside the border, in order to destabilize Iraq and the region.

This also requires work to pin responsibility on states that continue to support terrorism and terrorists.

As Hizbullah prays for a speedy recovery for the wounded, it condoles the families of the martyrs who died in this heinous bombing.

Meanwhile, it hopes that the patient Iraqis obtain salvation from the furnace of this bloody vortex which targets their unity and hopes in a secure, prosperous and stable future.