Hezbollah’s Sheikh Qassem: We Can’t But Eradicate Terrorism


Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed that there is no solution in dealing with terrorism but to eradicate it, warning that the Western countries will pay the price for backing terrorism.

Sheikh Qassem said Europe and US are trying to end the Syrian crisis because they were hit by the Takfiri terrorism, stressing that there is no way to deal with terrorism execpt through eradicating it.

Saudi Arabia abandon Palestine and chose to be part of the Israeli scheme, Sheikh Qassem said during a a graduation ceremony in Beirut on Thursday.

“Israel is satisfied with what is happening in Syria, and Saudi paid money to destroy Syria.”

On the Lebanese presidential impasse, Hezbollah Deputy Chief stressed that there is no way to solve it but through election MP Michel Aoun, noting that al-Mustaqbal (Future) movement is hindering the vote because Riyadh refuses Aoun.