Hezbollah Will Destroy Zionist Residential Areas, Infrastructure during Any War: Zionist Official


Head of Policy Planning at the Zionist Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former Deputy Head of the National Security Council, Eran Etzion, stressed that Hezbollah victory in Syria and the military power and experience the Resistance has gained since 2006 war “create a hard strategic formula and prepares for Third Lebanon War.”

Etzion added that Hezbollah emerge victorious on the first days of the war, noting that despite the Zionist ability to cause sacrilegious destruction in Lebanon, Hezbollah will destroy residential areas and the infrastructure in the entity and kill thousands of settlers.

The Syrian army, backed by Russia’s, Iran’s and Hezbollah’s forces, is controlling the various areas across the country, according to Etzion who added that the Zionist entity launched an international propaganda that aims at frustrating the Iranian attempt to move weaponry into Lebanon.

Etzion stressed that the region is heading towards an aggressive confrontation despite the statements made by the various parties which deny any intention to get involved in a new war.