Hezbollah Hits Hard Fatah Al-Sham’s Positions on Lebanon-Syria border


Hezbollah fighters targeted a gathering of the Fatah al-Sham Front terrorist group (the newly-formed al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as the al-Nusra Front) in Northeastern Lebanon, killing and wounding a number of Takfiri militants.

The Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement struck the main bunker used by the Takfiri terrorists in Dahr al-Howa on the outskirts of the Northeastern border town of Arsal on Wednesday, according to the Lebanese resistance movement’s War Media Center.

ISIL and the Fatah al-Sham Front terrorists have been entrenched on the outskirts of Arsal since August 2014, when they briefly overran the town.

The Lebanese Army and Hezbollah strike their posts on a near daily basis along the restive border region to keep them at bay.