Hezbollah blames US, allies for Mideast terrorism


Deputy secretary general of Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah insists US and its regional allies are to blame for spreading terrorism across the region.

Sheikh Naim Qassem reiterated on Saturday that Hezbollah considers Washington and its allies responsible for expanding terrorism across the Middle East.

Sheikh Naim Qassem says America and its regional and international partners have brought Takfiri terrorists to the region to fight the Syrian government and then allowed them to gain power in Iraq.

Qassem has warned against the growth of terrorist organizations in Iraq, saying they pose a threat to the whole region and the world.

The Hezbollah official also called for international action to stop militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL).

The remarks come as Iraqi military forces have killed nearly 300 Takfiri militants in separate attacks across the country as they get the upper hand in the battle against the militants.

According to local media sources, fierce clashes are underway between government forces and the Takfiri militants from the so-called ISIL in northern areas.

On June 10, the ISIL militants took control of Mosul, which was followed by the fall of Tikrit, located 140 kilometers (87 miles) northwest of the capital, Baghdad. Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced out of their homes since that time.

The ISIL militants have vowed to continue their raid toward the capital, Baghdad. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has said that the country’s security forces would confront the terrorists, calling the seizure of Mosul by militants a “conspiracy.”

Al-Maliki has blamed Saudi Arabia and Qatar for the security crisis and growing terrorism in his country, denouncing Riyadh as a major supporter of global terrorism.