Hezbollah: Army Made Great Achievements, Everyone Should Support It


Hezbollah said Wednesday that the Lebanese army has made great achievements through the arrest of one of the leading planners and perpetrators of terrorist attacks and suicide car bombs, and by seizing two booby-trapped cars in Beirut and on the road of Arsal.

These advanced security achievements add shining points to the honorable record of the army, which is the protective shield for all the Lebanese,” Hezbollah said in a statement.

The statement added that these points are evidence of the army’s hard work and sacrifices to protect the Lebanese people in the face of all risks, especially the permanent Zionist danger and the risk of terrorist extremist groups who target innocent civilians.

“The Lebanese people, with all its strength and parties, is called to support the military institution in the face of the terrorist forces that target the security of citizens, assassinate their future and work to sow the seeds of dissension and discord among them,” the statement read.

Moreover, Hezbollah paid tribute to the significant achievements of the army and saluted the boldness of the command, officers and soldiers in their confrontation against the Takfiri terrorism hitting Lebanon.

The Lebanese Resistance also called on all Lebanese to be aware of the risks associated with those extremist groups, to condemn their terrorism, to work to organize their political differences and to unite in order to get Lebanon out of the huge regional.