Haneyya: Division is over


Gaza premier and deputy chairman of Hamas’s political bureau Ismail Hanneya has declared in a press conference on Wednesday that the Palestinian internal division was over.

He was speaking after conclusion of the second session of reconciliation talks held in his home with a PLO delegation. He said that both teams, Hamas and the PLO, had worked in the spirit of a single team.

The years of division have come to an end, Haneyya said, adding that an agreement was reached on implementing previous reconciliation agreements and forming a national unity government.

He said that PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, according to the agreement, is to start immediately consultations with all national factions and forces to form a new national consensus government within five weeks.

At the same time a committee entrusted with reactivating the PLO would start its work within five weeks, he said, adding that elections would be determined six months after forming the government.