Hamas: Israel’s ’Gaza report’ a Lie


Palestinian resistance faction Hamas stated Monday that the Zionist entity tried to mislead international judicial bodies by reducing the number of civilians killed in its report on the military operation launched last year on the Gaza Strip.

A report published by the israeli Foreign Ministry – named as ‘Gaza report’ – concerning the Zionist 51-day military offensive against the blockaded Gaza Strip last summer, accused Hamas of committing war crimes.

Another report by the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR is expected to be published this week.

“The claims in this report are all a lie,” said Hamas in a written statement.

The Palestinian faction criticized the report and said that the occupation authorities had stated inaccurate figures regarding the number of Palestinians killed during the attacks.

“According to israel’s report, 44 percent of those killed were militants, whereas the percentage of militants killed was less than 20 percent,” the statement read.

Hamas stated that hundreds were killed by the Zionist advanced missiles and requested the international community not to take the “lie” into consideration.

The Zionist report stated that at least 2,125 Palestinians were killed, while “at least 936 of these fatalities (at least 44% of the total) have been positively identified by the Israel Defense Forces as militants affiliated with Hamas and other terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip”.

The occupation entity classified 36 percent of those killed, i.e. 761 people, as civilians. The remaining 428 people, males aged between 16 and 50, have yet to be classified.