Hamas Describes Israel Attack on Palestinian Fishermen as ‘Awful Crime’


The Gaza-based Hamas resistance movement’s spokesman Abdulatif al-Qanou’a condemned the Zionist regime’s attack on the Palestinian fishermen and their boat, and described the event as an ‘awful crime’.

In an emailed press statement, the Hamas official noted that the Israeli naval forces’ attack on the fishermen and their boat was an awful Israeli crime against innocent Palestinian fishermen.

He said that Israel is fully responsible “for these crimes, which are another type of the intense ongoing Israeli aggression against our people.”

The fishermen in the Gaza Strip announced Sunday that they are going on a two-day general strike in protest against the Israeli attack which resulted in death of one of their colleagues, according to the Gaza Fishermen Union.

Earlier on Sunday, the Israeli military spokesman confirmed in a statement that the Israeli army naval forces opened fire at a fishing boat where three fishermen wounded; one of them was seriously injured, and then died later of his wounds.

Meanwhile, Zakareya Bakker, the coordinator of the fishermen committees in Gaza said that Ismail Abu Reyallah, 18 years old was killed and two other fishermen were injured and arrested by the Israeli occupying forces, Xinhua reported.

He said that according to the reports of the Palestinian-Israeli liaison office, the Israeli army still holds the body of Abu Reyallah without providing any more details of the two other fishermen who were injured and arrested.

In May last year, another Palestinian fisherman was shot dead by the gunfire of the Israeli army naval forces in the sea of the Gaza Strip.