Hackers Launch Massive Cyber Attacks on Several Israeli Websites


A group of hackers named ‘Qademoun’ launched extensive cyber attacks against Israeli websites.

A statement released on Qademoun’s Facebook page said that the cyber attacks were launched in line with al-Imad operations which started on the first day of the 9th anniversary of the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006.

“On the second day of al-Imad operations, the martyr Abbas al-Moussavi team hacked a number of Israeli tourism websites,” it added.

The statement listed the names of the websites as:


In May 2013, the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) also launched a successful cyberattack on the main infrastructure system of Haifa, one of the most important ports in Israel, disrupting the operation of the servers in charge of urban management systems and public utilities in the city.

The SEA said it had hacked into the Haifa infrastructural system in retaliation for the Israeli strike on a research center in suburban Damascus at the time.

The SEA warned that it could cause a major blast by continuing the attack on the servers of the Haifa infrastructural systems, but avoided further move due to inescapable human casualties.

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