Haaretz: In targeting Deif, Netanyahu took a risk to boost morale


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu planned to satisfy Zionists by assassinating Hamas military commander Mohammad Deif but he failed, Israeli newspaper Haaretz said.

The newspaper said: “The attempt to assassinate Deif had one main goal: to give Israelis a cause for rejoicing… His death could have been considered a moral victory, thereby helping Netanyahu fend off the increasing criticism, both among the public and in the political arena, of the partial results of the war in the Gaza Strip.”

According to the newspaper, Deif’s assassination would not weaken Hamas, citing the assassination of former leaders, including Deif’s former deputy, Ahmed Al-Jabari and Hamas political strongman Abdel Aziz Al-Rantisi.

Assassinations, the newspaper explained, “are considered achievements that can be marketed to the public. Usually, they do not change the strategic situation in a fundamental way.”

The newspaper stressed that the only benefit for the assassination of Deif would be to help Netanyahu face internal criticism, which has been increasing, but that would not have affected general political results.